English Speaking Course

The Spoken English classes are extremely common in India, since English is not a national language of the Indians. It is a foreign language and to be very precise India has a lot of languages, of its own. In India Hindi is a nationalized language, however approximately all the states have their individual mother tongue. Each mother tongue has some local touch so do Hindi and in such circumstances gaining knowledge of a new language that to a foreign one turns out to be pretty complicated. Learning to speak English confidently is nowadays a need. It is no more an issue of status however it is of supreme necessity for a good quality job and to flourish in one’s career. Even in the management jobs the high profile people also require a fluency in English.

Talwar Foundation is providing quality education in this field. We have very qualified teachers of English Language. Students are also taking great interest in this language. We teach from basics of english language to speaking in a very fun way. We also uses animated stories for kids to teach english language.